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At Clarivate, we believe that the best results come from working together in respectful partnership with our colleagues and customers. We aim to delight our customers in all that we do – by gathering facts and insights and delivering what you need when you need it, before you’ve had a chance to ask. We are committed to acting with integrity and are accountable to ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and our communities.

We value your feedback.

A big “thank you” to those that took the time to respond to Clarivate’s Customer Delight Survey. We take your feedback seriously and are constantly driving towards actions that will enhance your experience with us. Your input is at the center of our growth strategy and we will continue to act on your feedback, including improving our products and content offerings.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Jerre Stead
Executive Chairman and CEO, Clarivate

You asked, we acted

Twice a year, we send out a customer delight survey to understand how we can serve you better. Below are a few new initiatives we’ve launched based on your feedback. Your next opportunity to provide us with feedback through our customer surveys will start on May 12, 2022.

Improved data quality

You told us that accurate, high-quality information is critical.

Proof Point: The improved patent to literature citation — linking from Derwent Innovation Index (DII) content in the Web of Science — has increased the number of citations linked to the correct journal by 50% and with an accuracy of 99%.

Better user experience

You asked for a better user experience with our products. We’ve made several updates to a wide range of our products and have developed product roadmaps for each of our core product lines.

Please connect with your account manager for details.

Proof Point: We launched a brand-new user experience for the Web of Science platform. Addressing a large amount of customer feedback, the new platform delivers enhanced speed and accessibility, improved usability and new features and content including article recommendations, funding data, and enriched cited references.

Improved responsiveness

You asked for information that gets to customers faster.

Proof Point: We see improvements in timeliness over recent months, reducing the time for content to be “available” in our products. We’ve also sped up the automated acquisition of data and content for large publishers.

Better customer service.

You asked faster and higher quality customer service.

Proof Point: More than 70% of our cases are resolved at first point of contact, 95% of customers say their Clarivate Customer Service Representative is knowledgeable, and 93% of customers say our service desk is “easy to access.”

Recent product enhancements

During the first three quarters of the year, we continued to invest in our solutions to help our customers thrive in a complex research landscape.

  • Continued to build out the New Web of Science, which allows researchers to save time and effort throughout their discovery process with a responsive, streamlined interface that supports both basic and advanced workflows, and meets current accessibility mandates.
  • Introduced Author Impact Beamplots with new visualizations that help you see the context of researchers’ scholarly influence over time and make it easy to obtain multidimensional data to support promotion, tenure and funding applications.
  • Improved records and 50% more patent-article links in the Derwent Innovations Index allow researchers to explore patents more easily and uncover the real-world outcomes of research.
  • Launched My Research Assistant, a mobile-only application that brings the power of Web of Science to researchers wherever inspiration strikes and allows them to quickly search, save and share research from the world’s leading journals.
  • Continued to enhance InCites Benchmarking & Analytics following the relaunch of the tool with a powerful but simplified interface last year.
    • Data visualization is now more intuitive thanks to an interactive geographical map that enables zoom and export, and tree maps that show up to 100 data points.
    • New indicators for domestic and intra-organizational collaborations and enhanced filtering options make it possible to gain a deeper understanding of research performance.
    • Expanded funding data allow customers to conduct more comprehensive funding outcomes assessments.
  • In Journal Citation Reports, expanded coverage, added a new metric, and improved the user experience with simpler, more direct searching while affording a deeper look into the data.
  • Made a series of enhancements to EndNote 20 for Windows and MacOS users. The new, modern interface helps authors save time preparing manuscripts and managing bibliographies. Authors can read and annotate more easily with PDFs that open full size and are now also able to search on unique fields like DOI and PMCID, saving time deduplicating content in their libraries.
  • Opened the Web of Science Publisher Portal to all publishers, improving the journal submission process with secure log in and improved transparency around the status of submitted journals.

During the first three quarters of the year, we expanded content across many of our solutions and invested in improved user experience, visualizations and analytics.

  • Discovery, Clinical, and Regulatory
    • Made a series of enhancements to Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence, including adding new drug-drug interactions and physiochemical properties content, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics analytics, and customized dashboards, with additional enhancements, such as the expansion of metabolism content, coming soon. Customers can now run sequence similarity searches to better identify competitor drugs and learn from what has and hasn’t worked in the past.
    • Acquired Bioinfogate and the OFF-X portal to fill the gap of translational safety intelligence across all stages of drug R&D. Among the many enhancements to the OFF-X portal, the new Real World Evidence dashboard allows customers to identify and track pharmacovigilance reports and signals and optimize risk management planning.
    • Added new indexing and dynamic filters to Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence, making it easy to identify trial arms by label and type. Added 14,000+ new digital health trials and new indexing to help users easily identify which trials have a digital health component and what that component is.
    • Made continual UI improvements to Cortellis Regulatory Intelligence to help users find what they need in fewer clicks. New pricing and reimbursement coverage for 33 countries allows users to make more confident regulatory strategy decisions. New filter options allow easy identification of translated documents, whether they are official or provided by Cortellis, and estimated due dates for translations that are pending.
    • In Context Matters, enhanced the customer experience with improved in-product help. The upcoming migration to Cortellis infrastructure is providing enhanced reliability. Expanded content allows users to make more informed decisions with Singapore HTA and regulatory, managed entry agreement insights, and new Rare Module with pricing and reimbursement in rare diseases.
    • In Cortellis CMC Intelligence, a responsive search field within the Detailed Requirements page makes it possible to quickly and easily find the most relevant CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and controls) requirements.
    • Built out coverage for the new Cortellis CMC Biologics module which makes it easy to understand CMC requirements for biosimilars, blood derivatives, cell therapies, gene therapies, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant hormones and vaccines for over 60 regions in a single location.
  • Portfolio Strategy & Business Development
    • Increased updating frequency for Disease Landscape & Forecast from quarterly to monthly, leading to greater speed to insight.
    • The new Epidemiology Data Slicer allows users to visualize and access combined epidemiology datasets across regions.
    • New functionality in Drug Timeline & Success Rates allows customers to evaluate more information at once (up to 100 drugs) and compare historical and current predictions. Expanded coverage in Drug Timeline & Success Rates allows users to evaluate drug forecasts in new APAC regions, including China, South Korea and Singapore.
    • Built a new user interface for Cortellis Deals Intelligence that will make it easier for customers to analyze data and seamlessly connect the entire Cortellis suite.
    • Launched the Executive package of Cortellis Deals Intelligence, including new deal predictive analytics and deal trends visualizations, helping predict potential deal sizes, uncover the likeliness a drug will progress through development, monitor deal activity, perform due diligence, and prepare for partnering meetings.
  • Market Access
    • Added new data views and a dashboard in Employer Vantage, making it easy to dive deeper into lives data by employers.
    • Expanded and made views of payer data in PolicyTrack more intuitive, making it easy to access the latest policy change.
    • As part of Market Overviews Advanced offering, introduced a new interactive dashboard with the latest dynamic payer and provider data and lives projection tools, helping market access teams move faster.
  • Customer Engagement
    • New survey insights are available from latest Taking the Pulse and Cybercitizen Health surveys to drive multichannel planning, with expanded focus on COVID-19 impact on Healthcare Practitioners and patients.
  • Generics
    • Made a series of improvements to Cortellis Generics Intelligence, including UI improvements, such as new search, alerts, and export capabilities, and expanded content, including manufacturing insights about contract manufacturers and market share insights for the LATAM region.
    • Rolled out Cortellis Supply Chain Network, a new offering to help accelerate the sourcing and supply of products, ingredients and services as well as track supply risk and manage partners. Full access to the premium version is available to Cortellis Generics Intelligence Premium users.

During the first three quarters of 2021, Clarivate continued to build out solutions for the medtech industry.

  • Enhanced Insights platform user experience, allowing users to save time by finding and accessing content more quickly with redesigned homepage, enhanced filtering functionality and quick links.
  • Added Latin America import data, allowing customers to improve brand promotion and take a multi-pronged approach by identifying key trends through primary market research inclusive of Latin America data.
  • Introduced an enhanced dashboard, with strengthened analytics and visualizations, making it easy to gain insights to support commercial targeting.

In 2021, we migrated the Learning Portal to a new platform. The new Learning portal provides real-time learner insights for trainers and features a cleaner interface and improved dashboard for the learners.

As part of our commitment to remove friction from managing IP, customers can minimize risk and maximize effectiveness of their IP operations, managing IP efficiently throughout the lifecycle. During the first three quarters of the year, we made a series of enhancements to our IP Management Solutions: FoundationIP, Inprotech, Ipendo, IPfolio, Memotech, Patrawin, The IP Management System and Unycom.

Updates include:

  • Intelligent IP management, providing actionable insights by
    • introducing the extended Innography interface to IPfolio, allowing users to synchronize private information, namely unpublished patent applications and invention disclosures, for advanced searching and analytics.
    • adding CompuMark powered trademark data validation to IPfolio and FoundationIP, reducing manual entry, saving time, and increasing data quality.
    • making it possible to enrich your data in Unycom without interfering with daily operations using Clarivate patent data and providing the possibility to automatically import publicly available data into your own patents.
    • streamlining the transfer of renewal budget numbers from Patrawin to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Control (client portal) for basic outsourcing to clients.
    • allowing users to run separate renewal models in the same Patrawin database, leading to a more flexible process for renewal management.
  • New integrated services facilitating end-to-end collaboration such as
    • the ability to order Compumark trademark Watches directly from IPfolio and FoundationIP, helping safeguard your brands across 250+ countries and territories and simpler integrations
    • improved task collaboration with modernization of matter records to provide a common way of working across family, case and matter records in Ipendo. The launch of a shared component library across records means all records now share the same features and design in a modern user interface. Data is managed and updated in the same manner for all of these records.
    • integrating additional stakeholders into the IP process with Unycom Smart Submissions, allowing them to submit a variety of IP proposals and requests.
  • Smart docketing and advanced task management, for example, by
    • adding public prosecution document feeds from Japan and Taiwan to IPfolio, eliminating the need for you to download documents manually from the respective patent offices’ websites.
    • adding new task assignment rules and new events user interface to FoundationIP, making it possible to manage complex task assignment patterns and save time docketing USPTO correspondence with improved performance and searching ability.

As part of our commitment to unleashing data and insights across our patent intelligence suite, customers can make faster more informed decisions with information surfaced into actionable insights through the following enhancements:

  • Combined global case data, providing an integrated overview and new insights of global litigation activity from Darts-ip in Derwent Innovation, Innography and Incopat, helping customers more efficiently launch and protect their patents.
  • Enhanced the Darts-ip integration in Derwent Innovation, allowing all Derwent Innovation users to identify what patents have litigation activity or have a DWPI family member with litigation activity from the results set for more confident and efficient FTO decisions.
  • Introduced a new integrated Litigation Layer option in Innography and IncoPat, providing a more seamless workflow by allowing searching for all Darts-ip patent litigation cases by type of case, filtering patent records using Darts-ip data fields.
  • New DWPI for Innography option allows Innography users to search curated DWPI content and view DWPI enhanced titles and abstracts on every record where it’s available, making it easier for users to find and understand information in the patents they need
  • New Sharepoint connector allows PortfolioIQ users to easily extract documents from a Sharepoint folder to make them accessible in Innography through semantic or keyword searches.
  • In Derwent Innovation, the new patent family timeline provides a visual representation of all INPADOC family members, showing applications, grants, continuations, continuations-in-part and divisionals; patent claims dependency tree allows users to quickly identify independent claims and shows the correct hierarchy of dependent claims; patent claims comparison view highlights text that was modified, added or removed between original application and grant, saving valuable time, and allowing users to focus on more critical work.
  • Text cluster sunburst visual allows Derwent Innovation Analyst users to analyze the primary, secondary, and tertiary technical concepts included in a results set, and quickly select a section for additional analysis.
  • Introduced the new Microsoft Teams Innography Application, allowing users to perform keyword and Boolean searches, and see more accurate results, within Microsoft Teams.
  • Added 24 new full text jurisdictions to Innography, expanding its full text patent coverage to 75 jurisdictions and over 135m patent records providing more comprehensive insights.
  • Launched Clarivate Chemistry Research MVP, a new insight-oriented tool with DWPI patents purpose-built for chemistry professionals Enhanced Derwent SequenceBase™ with Integration features with Derwent Innovation, including DPCI citation numbers available in all records and DWPI accession number available as a search field in keyword search, making searching easier, more efficient and streamlined. Enhanced search and reporting options and User Experience improvements give users more flexibility in a more user-friendly environment.
  • The Version 11.0 release of Derwent Data Analyzer™ (DDA) delivers numerous enhancements and new functionality, including the ability to upload CSV files without requiring conversion and create personalized record categorizations, designed to empower analysts with increased flexibility, greater control, and deeper insights.

As part of our commitment to unleashing data and insights across our Brand IP suite, customers can make faster and more informed strategic decisions with information surfaced into actionable insights through the following enhancements.

  • Expanded industrial design coverage on TM go365 and SAEGIS with 12 added registers, enabling customers to research industrial design and trade dress across 65 registers in total.
  • Made changes to CompuMark Watch capabilities, combining email alerts, helping to further streamline review of Watch results.
  • Integrated CompuMark trademark research and protection solutions into IPfolio™ and FoundationIP™, IP management software (IPMS) solutions, helping to remove friction from IP management processes by connecting the IP ecosystem. Added the ability to order a CompuMark Watch order directly within IPfolio or FoundationIP to enrich existing workflows and to retrieve automated trademark matches from CompuMark directly within IPfolio, allowing users to gain immediate insights into the availability of a proposed mark while staying within their IP Management system.
  • Enhanced self-service domain management through the MarkMonitor portal, making the domain registration and transfer process easier, ensuring domains resolve quickly by providing more nameserver choices, stealthy defensive registrations, and control with custom DNS templates.
  • Further enhanced MarkMonitor SSL Certificate offering, making renewals easier with concise validation and a term extension by 30 days, a new download format for different web servers with .p7b, and more reliable automation with better data syncing.

Processed and added nearly 1 million new cases to Darts-ip. The expanded data set of over 7.5 million cases allows for deeper IP insights, supporting more confident, data driven decisions.

Clarivate continued to improve its services around patent annuities and patent validations.

  • Improved functionality across the ARGOS Client Service Portal supports maintenance decision making and takes the time out of pre-existing workflows. Users can access documents faster, get clear views of their renewal cases more easily, and audit past instructions smoothly with a range of new CSP dashboards.
  • Improved integration between the European Patent Validations portal and CPA Renewals Services allows customers to order their first annuity payment within the EPV portal, speeding up their existing workflows. Customers can benefit from centralized PTO communications with batch PTO emails.

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