Kerri joined Clarivate in June 2020 as its Chief Strategy Officer and is currently Chief Operations Officer. She has responsibility for improving our customers’ experience, building customer-centric operational models across all of Clarivate, and leading M&A integrations. She is also responsible for our Customer Delight program, leveraging her experience leading and guiding other global companies to drive customer improvements.

She was recently the CEO and Founder of CustomersFirst Now, LLC (CFN). As a top Customer Experience (CX) implementation and analytics firm, CFN helps companies implement core components of their CX programs, such as journey maps, CX scorecards, surveys and training.

Kerri has spent the past 25 years leading Customer Experience, Customer Care, Lead to Cash and other customer-facing operations that have resulted in consistent and greatly improved financial performance at global, billion-dollar B2B companies.

In addition to corporate leadership, Kerri was the Deputy Chief Recovery Officer for the State of Colorado Governor’s Office in 2013. She partnered closely with State, Local and Federal departments to build a Recovery Office with an integrated recovery approach, metrics and long-term plan for the September Flood that impacted 24 counties and over 28,000 Coloradans.

Kerri is a graduate of The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.