Empowering and supporting all colleagues to thrive and achieve their full potential.

We are committed to cultivating our talent and helping everyone achieve their full potential through learning and development programs, training courses, and mentoring. We provide competitive benefits and services designed to support the diverse needs of our colleagues and their families.

To accelerate internal innovation, we support and appreciate a diverse and inclusive workforce. We are passionate about celebrating diversity and community feel, addressing gender bias and supporting LGBTQ+ colleagues worldwide. Across our global business, we prioritize coming together and collaborating for positive change. Discrimination of any kind is not, and never will be, tolerated at Clarivate. As a company, we will work in meaningful ways to use our voice, our platform and our resources to fight injustice wherever it occurs.

Diversity and Inclusion

As part of our commitment to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, and the UN Global Compact, we are taking positive actions to further diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging led by the Clarivate Diversity Council.  Our five-pillar framework of Leadership, Culture, Workplace practices, Business integration and Community, includes key elements such as:

  • Board level accountability through the Nominating, Governance and Sustainability Committee
  • Board Diversity Policy
  • Advancing people analytics and metrics insights
  • Setting targets for diverse hiring in every part of our organization
  • Non-bias training and education
  • Engaging in difficult conversations around the role of race in our company and society
  • Strategic structure and support for colleague engagement through Colleague Resource Groups
  • Supporting diversity throughout our supply chain and in our communities

Supporting the LGBTQ+ community

SPECTRUM is Clarivate’s LGBTQ+ and Allies resource group. We work together to drive continuous improvement in company policies and work environment, provide support and networking opportunities for our members, and promote activities within Clarivate that raise awareness about our LGBTQ+ community. We continually work to add programs that help our colleagues around the world aim for greatness. In November 2020 we have joined Stonewall’s Trans Rights are Human Rights campaign. In order to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month in the UK in February, we took part in House of Pride’s Connecting the Letters campaign.


support of advancing the Women’s Empowerment Principles.

Learn more about the many initiatives and conversations we are having in support of women and equality.

Gender Pay Gap

As part of our commitment to closing the gender pay gap, we have published our gender pay data for our U.K. business. View the report here.

To improve diversity at the senior level, we will strive to increase the percentage of women in senior leadership roles from 38% to 43 – 45% by the end of 2020.


Vibrant is Clarivate’s colleague resource group focused on racial & ethnic diversity, inclusion and equity. Diversity will be our strength to make Clarivate a more creative, innovative and competitive company. Vibrant unites a diverse workforce through Cultural Awareness, Representation, and Community Engagement.

In 2020, two Clarivate colleagues joined the CEO Action for Racial Equality fellowship to promote sustainable public policies and corporate engagement strategies that address systemic racism, social injustice and improve societal well-being.

Clarivate Volunteer Network (CVN)

The Clarivate Volunteer Network’s purpose is to explore and promote the benefits of volunteering and reach our Sustainability goals. As individuals, we can enact change. The CVN brings us together to create a dynamic force for good, organizing and promoting different campaigns in line with the company’s sustainability vision that will create a positive impact in our communities.

Supporting Military Veterans

At Clarivate we are supporting members with military backgrounds, including military family members and supporters, through the Military Veterans@Clarivate group. The resource group aims at helping with issues that affect only the military community, such as adjusting to post-military life. Our goal is to set up programs to foster careers growth, establish support networks for new colleagues to assimilate into the corporate culture, and building relationships in the community with volunteer outreach.

Empowering colleagues on Environment and Climate Action

Through the Environment and Climate Change colleague resource group Element, we aim to raise awareness of the environment and our impact on it and to promote activities and behaviors to address our environmental impact. The internal network focuses on specific environmental initiatives at Clarivate globally both internally and with our customer. We work together to leverage our position in the Science and IP industry to make an impact at scale through innovation and support.

Clarivate is committed to delivering the best to our customers, which means treating our colleagues with dignity and respect and providing work environments that allows everyone to thrive and succeed. This means ensuring our colleagues have healthy, safe, and flexible workspaces, that adapt as needed to our changing world.​

​Flexible work: We are a diverse, global workforce, which means that our work environments must enable flexibility to suit our colleagues.

COVID-19 Response: With challenges come opportunities. We are committed to delighting our customers while keeping colleagues safe and healthy, and physical distancing as necessary. We have deployed a Covid-19 task force and are working daily to ensure that every step is taken to address this ever-changing landscape around the globe. ​

Emergency planning and response: We have teams at both the global and local levels to ensure that our offices are ready and equipped to handle any number of emergency situations. This includes detailed plans with roles and responsibilities clearly identified, specifically for each of our office locations.

Our 2021 scorecard goals.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Launch a DEIB Steering Committee

Colleague engagement

Integrate new colleagues, while maintaining 77% colleague engagement as measured in the annual survey

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

All colleagues complete unconscious-bias training

Women's Equality

Report out on the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Progress

Colleague Engagement

Strategic Alignment and Integration of Colleague Resource Groups into One Clarivate

LGBTQ+ Equality

Participate in the Corporate Equality Index

Our values.

We challenge the status quo, pursuing continuous performance improvements, aiming for greatness and customer delight in all we do.

The best results come from a diverse, collaborative and inclusive environment. Working together in respectful partnership with our colleagues and customers is our evergreen source of sustainability and success.

Trust is built on actions: we act with integrity and are accountable to ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and our communities.

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